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Get started with complete protection for all devices such as pc, mac, laptop, android etc by installing webroot antivirus from webroot official website using 20 digit webroot keycode. it has become basic, crucial and fundamental to invest in a perfect, complete and consummate online security products. Webroot online security products give you 100% guaranteed real-time protection against all kinds of cyber threats thereby ensuring your peace of mind and effective online safety. Webroot com Safe has all kinds of products to ensure online protection for your home as well as business doesn’t matter whether it is big or small.

Easy steps to download webroot with product key

  1. Before Install or Setup Webroot Antivirus on the Computer, Need to restart the devices first
  2. Visit the link written on retail card to download the webroot internet security software
  3. Use the webroot activation code/ product key code of 20 digit written back on the card, scratch card to get the product key.
  4. After Putting the 20 digit webroot product key to complete the installation process click submit button
  5. Sign in to webroot account
  6. New users need to create an account putting email address and password
  7. Once verify with the account then you can select the webroot safe product and click on download webroot button

Steps to install webroot safe antivirus

  1. Double click on downloaded webroot safe file to run
  2. Click agree on license agreement
  3. Follow on screen instructions
  4. Wait to complete webroot installation

Activate webroot security antivirus with activation code

  1. Open the installed safe antivirus software
  2. Click on activate button
  3. Enter webroot activation code
  4. Sign in to webroot account
  5. "You are SAFE"

What are the advantages of webroot safe antivirus?

  1. Mobile Security:
  2. You can't just protect your computer by downloading the Webroot antivirus, but you can also protect your mobile phone through it. It will secure all your mobile data and files.

  3. Password Protection:
  4. The Webroot antivirus protects all your social media passwords which you have saved on your browsing application while signing in to your account.

  5. PC Security:
  6. When you use the internet on the computer, then this is possible that any malware and viruses get entered on your system. In that situation, the Webroot antivirus helps you to protect your computer by scanning that file before you start downloading it.